Our business is legal and we are registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Cebu City. Upon request our certificate will be produced for your inspection.

We have a Business Permit granted by Cebu City Hall which permits us to rent out motorbikes to the general public.


We have different types of bikes for your rental needs. Motorbike Rental in Cebu City Area. Our Motorbike, Motorcycles, Scooters, Bikes Rental are all maintained well by a professional mechanics. Motorbikes rental in Cebu never seemed that easy! It is available for you to rent anywhere in cebu.
We also offer room accomodation. 300 per person per night for a mixed Dormitory Room. 750 per night for aircon room for 2 persons. We also have Aircon Room for 4 persons, 6 persons, 8 persons, and for 10 persons. If you rent our motorcycle and stay at our Guesthouse ( 8th St. Guesthouse) you will difinitely get a 30 percent discount for a night stay.
Hope to see you all soon!


These motorcycles and scooters are the 3 most reliable brand (Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki) in the market. We can assure you of there safety. All parts are very well maintained by a professional motorcycle mechanics. If in any case you are not comfortable with the one you are renting, we will replace it with any available motorbikes for no additional cost of course.

However, if required the motorbike can be delivered to your hotel for a minimum of 4 days rent. One helmet is provided with each motorbike. Loss or theft of helmet will incur a payment of 1800 pesos or buy the same exact quality of helmet.