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₱ 3000 PER WEEK

₱ 10500 PER MONTHS


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Please note – when renting the motorbike you must leave your passport with us as a deposit against loss or damage to the motorbike. All passports are secured in a safety deposit box at our premises which also has a 24 hour security guard on duty. Your passport will be returned to you on at the termination of your rental period.

All of the motorbikes are registered with the local LTO (Land Transportation Office). Each motorbike has a Certificate of Registration and Official Receipt. Copies of these documents MUST be carried at all times on the motorbike in addition to your driver’s licence. The original documents are retained by us.

Please be advised that all motorbikes are covered with a very basic third party insurance. If you have an accident and damage is caused to either the motorbike or other property – it will be your responsibility.

It is a requirement in the Philippines to be in possession of your driving licence at all times. Your driving licence can be the licence of your home country or an International Driving Licence. Bear in mind that you can drive in the Philippines any vehicle for a period of 3 months after such time you must obtain a Philippine driving licence.

We offer an alternative service whereby we will provide a driver for you if you do not feel comfortable riding a motorbike through the streets of bohol guesthouse. Contact us in relation to the rates for this service bohol guesthouses.

We are now Located in Cebu City.